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A Woman's Worth Retreat

A Woman's Worth Retreat

This is your invitation to renew your wild and precious life …boldly, beautifully and bravely!

Join Dawn in May 2019 at Paradise Hills Ranch, Lumby, BC, Canada. Immerse and indulge your self-care and self discovery on 700 acres of pristine Canadian wilderness.

ONLY ONE DATE this year at this location, register now.

In over 25 years of teaching personal development, natural health and self- discovery, I have found that it is common for us to isolate ourselves, stifle our feelings, or remain “smoldering in the fires” of life. Especially when going through the tough times. Over the years, I have learned that within nature, we are never alone. We are guided by Mother Earth to rekindle the fires within our heart and to find out or renew who we truly are and meant to be.

Most of us live our lives in “habitual adapting”. We listen, observe, engage and often unconsciously believe in the voices of others. Our pasts, our environments and the people influencing them shape a large portion of who we have become. So often, we shackle our true selves, silence or doubt our inner voice and minimize our hopes and dreams. We consistently search for answers, unaware that we have already found them. Emotional sedation and suppression may capsize our self-worth. Symptoms such as fear, anxiety, unhappiness, depression, shame, worry, loneliness, and unfulfillment are all fiery embers inviting deeper understanding. We must learn to shield ourselves from outside influences and to regain insight into who we truly are. With grace and confidence, the time is here to blaze our own trails.


There is a voice guiding us to transform, to grow, to be. We must listen to this voice in order to rekindle the fire within our heart and wake up the voice within.

There are always great gifts on the winding roads of discomfort, adversity and pain. We are all recovering from something. Transitions and crossroads in life is true nature. There are times however when we dim the fire in our heart, content with the comfort of a “good life” or consciously fearful to move into a new life or chapter or change. This is where the journey towards listening or finding the voice within begins and where vulnerability and courage can ignite your inner fire.

Come share your doubts, your dreams, your mischief, your pain. Come listen to the stories of others and come share your own, so that we may remember how beautiful, bold and brave we truly are.

Dawn and the land will be here to welcome you home and awaken or renew your voice within!

  • Ignite your Inner Fire and face your fears
  • Awaken your inner voice and surpass your limitations
  • Reconnect to your Spirit and stop settling for less than you are
  • Strengthen your Soul and cultivate the courage to proceed towards your true nature
  • Inspire your Heart with clarity, purpose and meaning and, an action plan

Milo in the water

Only 1 date available in 2019 at Paradise Hills Ranch, Lumby, BC, Canada


May 3, 4, 5, 2019 
(registration due on, or before, March 15th, 2019)


Paradise Hills Guest Ranch, 648 Creighton Valley Rd. Lumby, BC

Investment in yourself: 

May Retreat
$795 (on or before March 15th, 2019 - $995.00 thereafter)

Once you have registered a more complete information package will be emailed to you. Please note there are no refunds. However, if you cannot attend the retreat you may transfer your registration credit towards any service within 1 (one) year.



Milo Man with the horses

Invest in a Friend:

Invite a friend to register and receive a private One-on-One session with Dawn (value $175)



7:00PM - 11:00PM The Inner Voice of FEAR

Fearless is usually thought of as a lack of fear. This is not necessarily true. Being fearless doesn’t mean not being afraid, it’s facing our fear, overcoming it and learning from it. Friday night addresses the fear that is holding you back. You may be burying it unconsciously through depression, anxiety, avoidance, unhappiness and any other behavior that has you feeling stuck. If you could identify and move through your fear who would you truly be? What would you accomplish? Confidence and self-esteem are gained by experience and getting out of the comfort zone.


9:00AM - 10:00PM The Voice of Action

What do you want in your relationship to yourself and others? Saturday is about identifying how you got to where you are and where you want to go. Today is about understanding what you truly desire in your life. You will be able to recognize and take the first steps into changing your limiting beliefs or self image. You will work towards change while enjoying the process! Today, you start your journey in clarifying who you truly are, what you truly want and a solid action plan to support it.


9:00AM – 4:00PM The Voice of Vibrant Health- VIBRANT HEALTH

You have identified your fears, clarified what you want, and created a plan to get there! Today is transformation and celebration day!

The food and emotional fuel we give ourselves provide vibrant energy to maintain what keeps our life moving forward. What beliefs or patterns may still be there that will get in your way? Today you will learn the effects of our emotional health, the power of nutrition and learn the root causes of most illness and pain. You will begin to understand why and how emotions may be causing sickness. Today is living a vibrant and healthy life!

A Woman's Worth Retreat

Travel, Lodging and Food

Paradise Hills Guest Ranch is located just 1.5 hour drive from the Kelowna, BC International Airport, in the beautiful village of Lumby, BC

Map and driving instructions (PDF).


On the ranch there are shared accommodations available in cozy cabins at a minimal cost of $35 per night. Shower and bathroom on site. Tenting locations are available as well and available at $20 per night.

There are B n’B’s in Lumby, BC, or travel to and from Vernon, BC (only a 30 minute drive).

Register for the program a.s.a.p as accommodations on the ranch are limited and are provided on a first come, first serve basis.

Private Facebook Group

This is available to meet one another and possibly share accommodations, coordinate travel and any updates or questions.


All Meals are included in your program. We want to make sure you can relax, rejuvenate and renew…and not have to cook a thing! We also know that once you arrive at the ranch, you may not want to leave!

Horses at the Ranch


"You have to find what sparks a light in you so that you in your own way can illuminate the world."
- Oprah

"May your heart be brave, your actions be bold and your spirit be free. Remove the wait or wonder...let's get this Fire started!"
- Dawn King

"The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched - they must be felt with the heart."
- Helen Keller