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Find Your Voice with Dawn

I have created a highly unique process to awaken your voice. Unlike any other approach or method, I have combined my 25 years of expertise in kinesiology, psychology, and physiology to help you create exceptional results. It’s your time to shine, to listen and to lead your life, with your real voice!

Our bodies are the homes to our stories, songs, sounds and our authentic voice. My expertise and passion is in waking up our voices, our truth, our self expression and our songs!

Your voice is your instrument. It is with you at all times. Your inner and outer voice is a wise and devoted messenger. Your voice has the ability and potential to express all you are and guide you towards all you are becoming!

Do you love to sing or speak but have held back until now?

Are you speaking your truth? Have you become a listener and not a leader of your own voice?

Are you ready to come out of the shower or open those car windows and sing for the pure joy of it?

Do you want to build or ignite your confidence as a singer/speaker/communicator?

Do you want to restore the health, strength, or projection of your voice?

"I have had 10 sessions and I completely love singing with Dawn's coaching. She has an ear for hearing sound and where in the body that sound comes from. She's able to coach you to deepen and get to the purest place within your body to allow the most beautiful tones and sounds to emerge. Her coaching also provides deep healing of long seated beliefs that may have restricted you from truly allowing your voice to come through. I am singing for the pure joy of singing. The process is fascinating. I highly recommend Dawn. She's skilled and fun. She honors you completely. I thoroughly enjoy my sessions twice a week. Thank you Dawn you're a complete gift!"
- Sheila Wardman

"I feel so fortunate and grateful for the continuum of connection with Dawn. My voice is being heard and guided by Dawn gives me an inner confidence to keep growing and learning - I am finding my voice and using it! Thank-you Dawn!"
- Carie Bicchieri

You will:

  • Renew or restore your love for singing and get out of the shower or back onto the stage
  • Overcome the fear of “starting” or beginning to sing or communicate your songs or your message
  • Learn to ignore your limiting beliefs or challenge the opinions of others
  • Connect to your inner critic and learn how to consistently tell him/her to "f" off
  • Heal and liberate through sound and song
  • Find your authentic voice
  • Ignite your self-expression
  • Connect to your inner critic and learn how to tell that voice to "f" off for good
  • Heal and liberate through sound and song
  • BTW this is fun!

Pre-Pay Now

Sessions are via Skype or Zoom.

Voice Evaluation
(1x 30 minute session)


This is for all levels of singers. You may wonder where the development of your voice is at or what specifically you could enhance or expand. This is a service also for singers working on specific areas of a song or for singers recording a song looking for feedback on the final recording or live performance.



Awaken Your Voice with Dawn
1 Month Mentorship (4x 45 minute sessions per month)




Awaken Your Voice with Dawn
2 Month Mentorship (4x 45 minute sessions per month)




Once your payment has been received you will receive a questionnaire and more detailed information to prepare you for your first session and to determine a consistent time and day of the week.



"To free the voice is to free the person."
- Kristin Linklater

"May your heart be brave, your actions be bold and your spirit be free. Remove the wait or wonder...let's get this Fire started!"
- Dawn King

"The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched - they must be felt with the heart."
- Helen Keller

"To sing is to pray twice."
- St. Augustine

"Dear voice, dear song, thank you for being there when no one else was."
- Dawn King

"Words mean more than what is set down on paper. It takes the human voice to infuse them with deeper meaning."
- Maya Angelou

"I want to sing like the birds do, Not worrying who hears or what they think."
- Rumi

"When the whole world is silent, even one voice becomes powerful."
- Malala Yousafzai

"As long as we live, there is never enough singing."
- Martin Luther

"It only takes one voice, at the right pitch, to start an avalanche."
- Dianna Hardy