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"3 Steps to Release Anxiety and Awaken to Your Brave and Beautiful Life"


The Lioness School

Empowering and Educating Women to Recover from Addiction, Anxiety and Trauma

Heal you so we do not have another generation of trauma passing itself off as culture.

The cause and destructive effects of childhood trauma do not have to last a lifetime, you can heal. It does take time, willingness, action, patience, a skilled and experienced mentor, honesty, openness, self compassion and a caring community.

I no longer suffer, thousands of other women no longer suffer and neither do our families suffer needlessly with the affects of childhood trauma and substance use disorder. It took me so many years to find a solution, but I found it. The solutions and strategies are here at The Lioness School.

We empower and educate women to heal from the wounds of the past and create a beautiful and brave life going forward. We are changing generations.

I invite you to join me and our caring community and live your brave and beautiful life.

I believe in you,