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about Dawn King

Dawns MessageDawn King MTC, is a licensed and registered counselor, consultant and facilitator who specializes in inspiring and creating change. Dawn has been a leader and way shower in behavioral and change psychology for 25 years.

Dawn specializes in creating lasting change and transformation in the areas of addiction, self abandonment, over achievement, anxiety and trauma.

Dawn is the founder and creator of The Way of The Lioness: Waking Into Your Brave and Beautiful Life. Her book and programs are currently in creation.

Dawn is a clinical team member at Axis Intervention Services Inc. as a counselor, a facilitator for the Intensive Outpatient Treatment program, the after school program and the lead facilitator for the Group Therapy aftercare program.

Dawn has served as the Anthony Robbins Foundation executive director and has inspired thousands of individuals across Canada and the USA towards lasting change and personal transformation.